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      About the safe opening of an account in a foreign bank

      After the departure of Visa and Mastercard from Russia, Kazakhstan has become one of the most popular destinations for issuing bank cards of international systems.

      19:51 22.11.2022 123 345 Further reading

      The tax for emissions from ships will be paid by cargo owners

      MSC said the industry expects either a phased implementation of ETS over four years from 2023, or a full implementation of the system from January 2023.

      19:40 22.11.2022 123 345 Further reading

      Changes in ADR-2023

      The experts of the Center for Dangerous Goods took part in the meeting of the 112th session of the Working Group on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP.15) held from November 8 to 11, 2022 in Geneva (Switzerland).

      19:31 22.11.2022 123 345 Further reading
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