Our goals

Our team pursues difficult, but at the same time interesting tasks in which our specialists are professionals.

  • To provide each client of the employer with the best specialists in the field, trained and tested according to the requirements of the customer;
  • Preparation of a specialist for employment, as well as maintaining a specialist from the moment of sending, until returning home;
  • Our procurement specialists will provide the best competitive offers in the industry by region;
  •  The tourism industry will open in a new way, taking into account personal wishes and the possibility of selecting an individual program at each stage of your journey;
  •  Our managers, economists, lawyers and professional engineers will help you achieve success in your every idea, whether it is business, production or the creation of new facilities and facilities;
  • Linguistics experts will help you overcome international barriers.
  • The Apply Marine Visa Application Center has been created to assist you in preparing and obtaining visas and related documents with minimal loss of time.
  • The Apply Marine news portal will keep you up to date with the latest news from the maritime and tourism industries.
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Urgent job offers

Ship mechanic

The ship mechanic is responsible for the economical, uninterrupted and safe use, maintenance and repair of ship equipment.

Assistant captain on the ship

Depending on the total number of crew, the volume of the vessel and the cargo transported, the captain may have several assistants.

A sailor on a ship

The sailor must understand the readings of the instruments and be able to steer the ship manually.

Ship's electrician

The ship's electrician is responsible for the operation of electrical mechanisms and the electrical network of the ship.

A sailor on a ship

Vacancies of sailors in the tanker fleet.

The second electrician

The second electrician on a ship at sea.

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English Language Courses

English language courses writing and speaking skills.

Spanish Language courses

Spanish language courses writing and speaking skills.

Russian language courses

Russian language courses writing and speaking skills.

Profile courses

The program of additional professional education in accordance with the requirements.

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About the safe opening of an account in a foreign bank

After the departure of Visa and Mastercard from Russia, Kazakhstan has become one of the most popular destinations for issuing bank cards of international systems.

19:51 22.11.2022 123 345 Further reading

The tax for emissions from ships will be paid by cargo owners

MSC said the industry expects either a phased implementation of ETS over four years from 2023, or a full implementation of the system from January 2023.

19:40 22.11.2022 123 345 Further reading

Changes in ADR-2023

The experts of the Center for Dangerous Goods took part in the meeting of the 112th session of the Working Group on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP.15) held from November 8 to 11, 2022 in Geneva (Switzerland).

19:31 22.11.2022 123 345 Further reading
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